Web App Project: Website Speed Comparison

Check out the video, and you’ll see me introduce the project, all uploaded videos over the next 8 weeks related to this project should also have subtitles in English. Just click the captions button to activate!

The points dealt with in my video and to all of this:

1. Why do this in 8 weeks? Why not just take your time?
2. Why an app to measure website speed?
3. The tech-stack I will try to use.
4. How I plan to do it.

I’ve never before carried out a project like this before; my idea is to share how parts of Scrum can be used even in a one man project. I want to try and give any small businesses and you entrepreneurs out there some encouragement in your endeavours.

Another reason I’m doing this is also to learn both a new cloud platform (Firebase) and framework for creating web applications (Ember.js). I’ve been asked before how you pick up this kind of thing, which will hopefully be understandable as I share that along the way.

I’m more comfortable with desktop applications, so you will see me struggle with things like CSS, which is the language for presenting web pages, but here I might grab into the trick box for a quick fix.

A couple of things I forgot to mention in the video. The time I have to spend on this project is limited because I have a day job and a family. I will be spending at least 5 hours a week on this, usually an hour a day plus my Saturdays. Otherwise, the timeline here for a first release would likely be much sooner.

Your tips specific to the project or my approach would be appreciated, please let me know in the comments below! And general encouragement is also appreciated!

You can expect 1 video per week on my YouTube channel (starting next week).

Sprint 1 Backlog

I will be using a tool called JIRA to track and manage the project. I already created a list of all the things this web app will require, and I have roughly estimated each by giving 3 points for small, 5 for medium and 8 being large (see my vlog for more info).

Next week I will tackle 2 stories:

  • Registering myself on the Firebase site (1 point).
  • Creating basic screen that allows someone to Add, Edit, Update and Delete a website URL and description (3 points).

For the job to be considered done, I expect the information is saved and retrieved from the Google Firebase database.

If you add up the estimates for each story, the total will be 50 points. That means if I can only accomplish 4 points per week, the project will already exceed the planned eight weeks. Perhaps there are some items I’ve rated too high, or we won’t need to go live?.. I will provide an update on that in the coming week.