Web App Project: Sprint 4

This week it turned into a learning fest. I spent time on each item but unfortunately, despite all the action, did not achieve any of the sprint goals the way I wanted:

  • User is able to trigger a website speed scan.
  • Displaying the results.
  • Securing the webservice.
  • Fixing the bug where login should redirect to the tasks screen.

The first two sprints of this project I struggled my way through learning Ember and spending last week on server-side was great because it just was more familiar and somehow easier. I doubt you will find a blog out there that will say it is easy to learn Ember. Reading the documentation on the main website several times does eventually help.

Keeping up with modern application development is a full-time job not to be underestimated, I think it’s become difficult to prove mastery with the constant switching between frameworks that seems to be required. A couple of years ago I would argue these were all magpie developers, but having spent a couple of years studying cloud tech and using it myself for a good year, I now understand things differently. You can never stop learning and have to like it.

For the next sprint, I want to go into laser beam focus, to regain confidence. I will continue on the feature to lookup the speed of a list of websites and to display the results. I will ignore everything else including the open bug, for which there is a workaround.

Having deployed the client on firebase, I discovered another problem, that the REST API must also be using HTTPS. I did try to set that up during the sprint but ran out of time in the end, so it will have to wait in the backlog along with other items.

The project backlog now has stories with 40 points. The good in knowing this is that we can quickly estimate how many more weeks we might need. I’m hoping an early beta version could hopefully be ready by the end of sprint 6.