Article on privacy

Goodbye Google Analytics

I don’t remember the exact blog post I read which prompted me to remove Google Analytics just now, of course, it was another one of those concerned with privacy.

The point here is if you have a WordPress site, there are good plugins, like WP Statistics, that can help you with statistics, so you know what content is doing well, and you not having to compromise the personal information of your online visitors.

Example of WP Statistics on site.

Having a count on the popular pages, the number of visitors and referral sites is more than enough information for me. You can drag and drop, the panels, so the information you want to see is at the top. I like it a lot more than Google Analytics.

An extra tweak I made on my WP tracking included masking the IP addresses.

So, now I no longer need to worry about the next WordPress update wiping my tracking code because I no longer need it anyway.