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How to setup WordPress on Amazon step-by-step


  • Is at least 50% cheaper than most hosting providers.
  • You’ll have a faster website, because you can choose the region where it will be located.
  • You can host multiple sites for the price of one.
  • Can have the same type of drag and drop website designer tools.
  • You can setup HTTPS for free.
  • Using their Content Delivery Network (CDN) you have the possibility to scale globally.
  • Having the ability to setup a highly available servers allows you to ensure your business will be running 24/7.


For me, it all started when I tried out Amazon web services and realised they took away the entry barrier to world-class infrastructure. 

Their service allows you to adapt architecture to your business needs.

You can even make money by renting the additional space you have.

There are many capabilities this kind of platform provides is very broad and not limited to hosting web servers.

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Nobody owns these anymore.

What to expect from Amazon

  • Having access to world class infrastructure.
  • You control the firewall, so can hook up to any service you want.
  • They make it easy to create a highly available (HA) website. You know there is a fail-over server, will be able to test it and know it is not just a vague promise anymore.
  • You get the ability to leverage Content Delivery Networks (CDN). A giant data cache that both off loads traffic from your servers and makes the performance of your website better.
  • You can split processing of data from your website to backend servers, enabling you to keep critical data away from the front-end which is exposed to the internet.
  • Getting the ability to quickly setup a VPN between the webserver and your offices.
  • You will be able to rapidly setup new systems. If you realise it’s not working out the way you thought, you can teardown the system and the costs stop.

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How much does the website cost?

The first month as a new user on AWS free tier it should cost you less than 5$, after that you can expect to pay 9$ per month.

Why not use AWS lightsail or the marketplace SAAS?

Yes, you would be faster, BUT, my guide starts by teaching you how to setup the VPS, manage security and configure the server.

Scripted automated setups might work at the beginning and break sometime later. You should know what steps these are doing. It’s not difficult to learn, and I would recommend becoming familiar unless you want to pay hundreds or thousands to a developer for a 20-minute job.

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