Last week posted a couple of vlogs about “cloud deniers”

The post which was not a pro-Microsoft post, got a comment on LinkedIn “I would deny that the future of the cloud is with MS, but otherwise, the cloud is already here and it’s the MS crowd who are in fact latecomers if they have been letting Azure drive their use of the cloud…” My answer: “If Java is the new COBOL, then they can be the IBM of the cloud. They like the other companies are all chasing their share of the market. I wouldn’t lose any sleep about it.”

I just attended training Microsoft again this week and got reminded that a good trainer makes all the difference. How fast people adopt is closely related. But I heard something new, how have MS have a significant change coming to their source control VSTS and GitHub (which they recently bought), the thought doesn’t make me too happy and I’m sure there will be a lot of open source people up in arms in the coming months.

cPanel “the” software for automating the hosting of websites was also bought recently. I see rough times ahead as companies take products which provide value and turn them into profit-making machines… Getting comments like Microsoft have no future makes me laugh since the small companies out there that are the ones who have to worry. Never-the-less I think some products like Subutai have the chance to rip the bowels out of the cloud platforms and have a change to give back something precious, the ability to create your own virtual private cloud environments.