I am Neil


I am Neil Spink and this site is about learning cloud platforms. I am not an expert cloud developer or a cloud architect. I do have over 20 years professional software developer experience. I like to transform peoples ideas into software applications. Some of the apps I built got patented and others get used daily by thousands of people.

In 2015, I started using Amazon Web Services and quickly realised that I am fascinated by cloud platforms. I created this site to share my enthusiasm and to help you also launch your ideas into the world.

A couple of times a year I challenge myself to learn a technology that is new to me. I try to use something I might never use at my work. You'll find my projects on my YoutTube channel and in blog on this site. For example, in 2016, my challenge project was a web app using Ember.js and Firebase, which is Google's Mobile platform and the Google Cloud platform (GCP). In 2017, I was making and running a web server on AWS.

Right now I'm programing a Python web scraper and serverless application. It's already working on AWS Lambda and next would be to try GCP.  

If you read this far maybe you want to know why I do this? Well, I believe you need to have a beginner's mindset, we are practically forced to do that as programmers nowadays anyway. I don't want to get all Zen on you but, "In the Beginner's Mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few."

I've heard a couple of times, recently, that you should not admit you don't know something, but don't you think that is a fallacy? How are you supposed to get help or learn something?