I am Neil


I am Neil Spink, and this site is mostly about cheaply using cloud platforms. I have over 20 years of professional software development experience. I have always loved transforming peoples ideas into software applications. Some of the apps I've built have gotten patented, and others get used daily by thousands of people. 

In 2015, I started using Amazon Web Services and quickly realised that I am fascinated by cloud platforms. I created this site to share my enthusiasm and to help you also launch your ideas into the world. I've heard a couple of times, recently, that you should not admit you don't know something, but don't you think that is a fallacy? How are you supposed to get help or learn something? So, I'm by no means saying any of my blogs or vlogs are the right or best ways to execute running a business cost-effectively on the cloud, but that's what I look for when using any platform. I am merely documenting my learnings from trying these technologies. 

A couple of times a year, I like to challenge myself to learn a technology that is new to me. I try to use something I might never use at my work. You'll find my projects on my YouTube channel and in blog on this site. For example, in 2016, my challenge project was a web app using Ember.js and Firebase, which is Google's Mobile platform and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In 2017, I was making and running a web server on AWS. In 2018 I programmed a Python web scraper to run as a serverless application, which worked on AWS Lambda, I did try GCP but unfortunately failed on that platform.  

Why I do all this? I believe you need to have a beginner's mindset. We are practically forced to do that as programmers nowadays anyway. I don't want to get all Zen on you but, "In the Beginner's Mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind, there are few."