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Ready for peer-to-peer clouds?

There is a new kind of cloud called Subutai:- Hot off the press if you read Linux Journal, then you’ll already know about this. Subutai is an open-source project and platform that will let anyone share or rent computer resources to create clouds from the edge rather than centralised locations ( I think it would be great for running more realistic performance tests on websites. It could also be interesting for the latest developments in the world of AI, where a lot of compute power is still needed. OK – There are a worrying number of warnings on their site about setting up your computers correctly, so it looks like this won’t be for people who are unfamiliar with Linux but the idea is so cool and by the time you read there about page, I’m sure you too will be wanting to try it out. For those wanting to dig just a little deeper to see who’s behind this, its a company based in New York called OptDyn.