Neil Spink
Neil Spink
Software Development Done Right

Learn website building in the cloud.

If your like me, your website might currently be on a web hosting service, but, you then quickly realize the limitations. You want to add forms and do something with your clients data and return it to them. You perhaps need the website to be faster because it's loading too slowly. I want to help bring a solution, show you the architecture, the setup and if needed show you how you can find a good Developer or DevOps Engineer who will work with you.

My online course is currently closed but please pre-register interest.

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Inspired by Cloud Computing

It all started when I tried out Amazon web services and realized the potential these kind of platforms can provide. There is no entry barrier to world-class infrastructure. I get quite excited when it comes to cloud-tech and its how this website got named. I like to vlog about the cloud and post these on my youtube channel

Why use a cloud provider? 

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A great analogy I once heard was that it's like wanting to compete in sport. If you want to get into racing bicycles, do you first learn to build the bike or is it better to buy one and start training.  

  • Makes it easy to create a highly available (HA) website.
  • You get the ability to leverage Content Delivery Networks (CDN) which is a giant cache that off loads traffic and makes the performance of your website better. 
  • Setup and schedule batch jobs using graphical interfaces. 
  • It allows you to easily split processing of data from your website to backend servers.
  • You control the firewall, so can hook up to any service you want.
  • It allows you to rapidly set up something new and teardown at any time if you realise it's not working out the way you thought.